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Replanting the world one gift at a time.


The idea behind #TreeForLife was to come up with a Christmas gift that is beneficial to nature. By putting tree saplings in boxes and spreading them via pick-up points supported by a network of volunteers, this project made planting a tree easy and social. Between November 2016 and February 2017 around 1500 of these tree-gifts were sold. Stay tuned for this year’s edition! 

Together with other entrepreneurs from Brussels, we founded the company Eco-On-Me with the goal of bringing economy and ecology (back) together: how can we use our society’s current economical system to develop new ecological models? #TreeForLife is the company’s first feat. 

Graphic design, package design, production, communication, press release and photography by Alexander Marinus.


Project initiated and organised by Ben Brumagne.


In collaboration with Margareta, Zorana and Laurens.

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