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Jute is the second most-cultivated textile fibre in the world. Industrial processing and chemical treatment destroy the natural qualities of this ecological material and it tends to be used in utilitarian cloth like cargo sacking. We do not make use of its full potential.


‘Hey Jute’ showcases the benefits of the raw fibre. Growing between two to five metres, the strands are incredibly long. And strong. The cushion highlights the length and lustre, while the wall hanging incorporates felted jute – an alternative treatment that keeps the strength and length intact, and for which specific tools and working processes were developed. Through collaborations with artists and artisans, different applications are being tested.


When the raw material has so much to offer, it’s time more people wake up to its value.



A bespoke cushion crafted out of raw jute fibre bundles

stitched together and stuffed with combing waste. The long,

lustrous cushion showcases the potential of the fibre in its

purest state. The length of the cushion is the average length

of jute fibre.

The cushion found its soulmate in the Chill Chair by Brussels

based design duo Zigmund Pront and was presented as such

for Brussels Design September 2019.

Flanders DC & Bokrijk award the project the 2020 Henry Van De Velde Award in the category for Design-led Crafts.


raw craft textile

Needle punching the raw fibre results in a thin, light, strong non-woven textile. I created my own tools to be able to apply this technique artisanally and developed a specialised fibre carding method for the industrial method. Together with textile artist and needle punching specialist Marian Verdonk I was able to do machine tests in her studio in Breda (NL).


100% raw jute delivers a biodegradable textile that does not require any additional binders, has great insulator qualities and can be applied in interiors on walls and floors, or used to upholster furniture.


The Hey Jute raw crafted felt was a New Material Award 2018 finalist and as such exhibited at Dutch Design Week, Salone del Mobile and at Vitra Schaudepot.



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