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Alexander Marinus is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong interest in the relationship between culture, society and nature.


He strives to bring them together in his body of work, which encompasses material research, textile design, film, writing and has resulted in tapestries, machines, experimental documentary film and everything in between. He feels at home between the worlds of art, design, communication, academics and business, even more so when collaborating with artisans, industry or institutions of all kinds. 

He is a hippie and an entrepreneur but rarely operates alone.


Marinus graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 and is currently based in his hometown Brussels. There he develops his creative practice by working both autonomously and for diverse clients. 

It won him the 2020 Henry Van De Velde Gold Award for Craft and a design residency at MAD Brussels.


His work manifests a cool head and a warm heart, connected by an intuitive empathy.

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